Political and Cultural Movers and Shakers address the Maryland Community

  • 1958: Rear Admiral Lloyd V. Berkner addressed the Maryland community with a speech about the importance of outer space missiles and satellites.
  • 1959: Soon to be Preisdent John F. Kennedy addressed the student body at this year’s commencement.
  • 1963: Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson spoke at the year’s convocation about the importance of defeating communism and creating a peaceful world through the responsible use of science and outer space programming.
  • 1965: Dr. Edward Teller “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” one of the major developers and the atomic and hydrogen bombs spoke to students about the prospect of a peaceful future.
  • 1966: Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey addressing the student body at the commencement ceremony.
  • 1973: Howard K. Smith, co-anchor of ABC Evening News, Rhodes Scholar, and CBS World War II foreign correspondent spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 1974: Ralph Waldo Ellison, writer of the 1952 National Book Award winning novel Invisible Man spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 1976: Sir Peter Ramsbotham, British ambassador to the United States spoke at the Bicentennial commencement.
  • 1979: Clarence Mitchell Jr., long-time civil rights activist and Director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP, spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 1980: Katharine Graham, the CEO of the Washington Post Company, spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 1984: Washington Post journalist and columnist, William Raspberry, considered to be the most respected black journalist of his time, spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 1985: Jesse Jackson, the second black Presidential candidate in American history, stopped at UMD on his campaign tour.
  • 1988: Hugh Downs, the award-winning host of ABC’s 20/20. spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 1992: Writer and entertainer William “Bill” Cosby spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 1994: Activist, former First Lady of Egypt, and founder of the Arab African Women’s League Jehan Sadat spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 1996: First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton delivered the address at this year’s spring convocation.
  • 1996: Tonight Show host Michael Guillen, Kermit the Frog, and Elmo joined forces to deliver this year’s winter commencement address.
  • 1998: First female Secretary of State and highest ranking woman in the US government up until this point in time Madeleine Albright spoke at this year’s commencement.
  • 2001: Former South African president Nelson Mandela spoke at this year’s annual Sadat Lecture for Peace.

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